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Since the front porch of your home is likely the first area that people see, you probably don’t want it to be cluttered. However, outdoor toys, gardening supplies, and other items can find their way to your porch and linger there until they are put away. An option to consider is a storage container for this area of your home.


From a coffee table to a side table, you can create a front porch storage space underneath for some of the smaller items that you might want to keep readily available. If the table has a shelf underneath it, then you can use small boxes or other containers for storing items instead of simply putting them on the ground under the table.


Create additional seating and front porch storage by using a bench. You can lift the seat of the bench when you need to put items inside so that they are out of the way. When you want somewhere to sit or if you have guests and don’t have enough chairs, they can sit on the bench without knowing that there are items underneath them. A cushion can make it look and feel more like a sitting area as well.


From plants to outdoor decorations, shelves can hold a number of items that you want to keep on your front porch. Try to find shelves that are easy to maneuver and that fit in a corner of the porch so that they are out of the way.