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Electricians are needed for a variety of electrical services. Attempting to perform electrical work alone could result in serious injuries or even death. The electricity coming into a home is of a very high voltage. Connecting the electric wiring into a fuse panel takes a highly trained electrician to properly wire the panel. Electrical work that is not done properly could result in a fire or complete destruction of the entire electrical system. Wiring a home, business, or commercial structure must be properly designed and installed for operation as well as convenience.

Electricians near Greer SC also do more than just electrical wiring. They can also install wiring for security systems, and telephone cabling as well as data cabling. They can also perform upgrades to current electrical systems to bring them up the necessary codes. For redesigning or additions, they can connect and install the proper wiring for new lighting, outlets, or appliances that need to be installed.

Emergencies with electrical systems can occur at any time. A reputable company will have electricians on-call 24/7 to assist with their client’s needs. If a homeowner has smoke coming from a switch, outlet, or light switch, it’s important to immediately turn the breaker off in the panel and contact an electrician immediately.

Commercial customers may want to install new machinery, extend their offices, or place better lighting or security lighting in a business. A trained technician will offer suggestions to the business for the best options available. They understand what wattage and voltage are necessary to deliver what the customer would like to achieve with their project. In some cases, new machinery may require an entirely new service or distribution panel if the current electrical panel cannot handle the electricity that will be needed to operate the machine.

Whether someone needs help with a new installation, repairs, or upgrades to their current service, Five Star Plumbing Heating Cooling can fulfil their needs and expectations. They have courteous and conscientious electricians on staff. They are licensed and offer warranties. Their electricians are fully insured and bonded, and the company has been in business for over 35 years.