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In places like Glenview, power outages are not uncommon. All it takes is one round of severe spring thunderstorms, a heat emergency or a strong winter snowstorm to take down a power line in your neighborhood or the entire grid in the area. We offer dependable back up generators in Glenview so that you can have enough power to the operate essentials in your home or your business.

We recommend a generator for anyone who needs to have an electrical medical device. If you or someone in your home needs to use a CPAP machine, nebulizer or oxygen tank, you need to have electricity. The generators that we sell and install provide plenty of power for operating critical medical devices.

Our associates also recommend a generator for any household that includes babies, the elderly or people with a chronic medical condition. If your household includes any of those people, the generator provides power for a fan or window air conditioner or portable heater. This ensures that you can keep a couple of rooms or even an entire house at a comfortable temperature until utility service is restored.

Our generators also keep your whole family safe in the event of a prolonged power outage. Instead of risking food from your refrigerator or freezer going bad, you can power these appliances and lower your risk of food-borne illness. The generators are also useful for keeping your home’s or business’s security system operating during the daytime and nighttime hours.

When you are looking for reliable back up generators in Glenview, contact us at Penco Electric Inc. We sell, install and maintain the generators in order to provide you with peace of mind.