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IDEX India focuses on designing, developing and delivering quality pharmaceutical machinery. We are Market Leaders in Pharmaceutical Machinery such as Milling Equipment, Roller Compactors, IBCs & Microfluidizers. A well-designed Oral Solid Dosage (OSD) material handling equipment or efficient conical mill, we deliver whatever you desire. Our Pharma Machinery adds value by ensuring enhanced efficiency, speed and accuracy, making sure that each item in our extensive inventory offers superior value and a good return on investment.

Matcon’s expertise lies in providing Intermediate Bulk Container (IBC) Systems for handling and processing powders, granules, tablets and capsules. Each Matcon IBC incorporates our unique Cone Valve technology which offers controlled discharge of material, without the risk of segregation, bridging or blocking; even for some of the most difficult to handle powders.

Conical Mill from Quadro®, is one of the foremost pharmaceutical equipment innovation, & Quadro is an iconic company famed for its high-caliber engineering and automated manufacturing solutions. With an array of radical innovations that serve progressive purposes in material size reduction, Quadro® has shown uninterrupted improvement rooted in persistent innovation.

Fitzpatrick is a visionary in particle processing technologies with a proven track record of manufacturing high end process pharmaceutical equipment for a variety of markets like pharmaceuticals and bulk chemicals. Our offerings include superior quality hammer mills and roll compactors.

In 2011, Microfluidics became a part of IDEX Corporation & achieved the influence of IDEX global Sales & service network for our key market & with a prime focus on Pharma & Biotech market. Microfluidizer® technology has been embraced by varied industries such as Pharma, Biotech, Cosmetics, etc. to provide targeted size reduction, superior particle distribution profiles and guaranteed lab-to-production scale performance.

IDEX India continues to grow and so do our customers. For in their growth lies our growth too.

To know more, visit https://www.idexindia.in/products/pharmaceutical-machinery/

Alternatively you can give us a call on 1800 267 9955 or drop us an email on info.fmt@idexcorp.com

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