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A piano is something that you likely don’t want to leave behind when you move. It’s also something that you might not want to put in storage. A good option to consider is hiring a professional moving company that has the tools and the manpower needed to get it from one location to another.

Weight and Size

One reason to consider hiring Chicago piano movers is that pianos are heavy objects compared to some of the other things that you have in your home that need to be moved. Since there are different styles available, you’re going to see that pianos often have different challenges with each one, such as a bench that’s in an awkward shape or a lid that doesn’t easily come off. All of these challenges can result in needing to move the piano in one piece, which will be heavier than taking it apart.


You want to protect the finish on your piano, which is another reason why you should consider Chicago piano movers, as they have the tools that are needed to crate it and to ensure that it’s not damaged in the process. The moving company will also have the necessary tools to take the piano apart safely if it can be broken down in order to make moving it a little easier.


If you live in a smaller home or one with a lot of doorways or an apartment, then you’ll find that a moving company is beneficial so that your piano can get through these obstacles. The movers can turn the piano in ways that keep it from damaging the doorframes and so that there’s no damage to the floors as well.

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