Surface Polishing: Alpha Pads

by | Aug 19, 2022 | Tools

When attempting to remove scuffs and marks, understanding the material is the first step to making it look brand new. Using special wool pads for resurfacing with a rotary polishing machine is a great decision. Finding the right pads for your machine can eliminate any swirl marks and oxidation that develops over time.

Marks and Scuffs

When you use alpha pads to polish surfaces, you will find that the combination of the wool and the power of the polishing machine work well together. This gentle yet effective force can remove general scuffs and marks along with built-in blemishes that are difficult to remove manually. Using a pad made of wool is an effortless way to polish without potentially harming the material.

Sizing and Options

As you begin your search for the right products, you will find that there are many different sizes to choose from. Since alpha pads work very well, they come in different sizes to make them even more versatile. Depending on the machine you have and the type of marks you are trying to remove, the size of the pad you buy will make a difference.

Once you use the pads to resurface the area, you can finish the job with some alpha trim to seal it. Looking into these products and accessories can give you ideas. There is no shortage of options when working on a renovation project, so it makes sense to only select the best to make the job efficient.

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