Getting Your Dirty Work Done the Clean Way

by | Oct 25, 2021 | Business

Operating a diesel vehicle is often an important job. Whether you’re driving a bus or operating heavy machinery, people rely on you to be safe and to do your job correctly. One simple mistake can lead to a whole world of trouble. To minimize the chance of accidents or mishaps when operating a diesel vehicle, regular inspections and maintenance must be conducted to determine the safety of the vehicle and to keep it functioning the way it should be. If it’s functioning properly then your job of operating it safely is that much easier. However, this isn’t the only reason why inspections should be done. Due to increasing regulations on air pollutants, virtually all diesel engines are now equipped with a diesel particulate filter. This filter prevents the dirty residue from burning diesel to escape into the air and harm the environment. They do a rather fantastic job of it, but need to be regularly inspected to avoid soot buildup. If too much soot builds up in your DPF then it will stop doing its job effectively, releasing pollutants into the air in a quantity that’s technically illegal. If you’re struggling to maintain a high soot DPF in Minnesota, there are plenty of local services that can assist in keeping your diesel engine on the right side of the law.

Burning the Soot

One of the most efficient solutions for removing soot from a DPF is by burning it out. Because your vehicle is already producing explosions and fire due to its internal combustion engine, your filter will usually have a method for using heat to eliminate soot already. However, this heat is typically not enough to get rid of the majority of the soot. There are certain solvents you can add to your diesel fuel that can increase its burning temperature however, thereby improving its ability to burn the soot out of your filter.

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