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If you’ve never shopped for lobster before, then you may benefit from some buying tips from more experienced lobster aficionados. Ask your friends where they like to get their lobster and shop around for the best supplier. You also can look into live Maine lobster delivery, which will deliver the lobster right to your home.

Know the Type of Lobster You Need

Depending on the type of dish you want to make, you might want a hard-shell or a soft-shell lobster. According to tasters evaluating each kind for the softer shelled lobster was sweeter and more tender. According to website, the soft-shelled lobsters are those that have shed their shell and are in the process of growing it back. The hard-shelled lobster is brinier. A hard-shelled lobster is harder for your guests to eat, but either type is going to be messy and that’s part of the fun. Provide your guests with big bibs, lots of napkins, and a liberal amount of butter.

There are lots of ways that you can cook lobster, including grilling, baking, streaming, and boiling. You can eat the tail, the claws, and the eggs, no part of the lobster will go wasted. There are dozens of sites that keep you in lobster recipes and all the tips and techniques that you need to cook some amazing lobster dishes. There you will find everything from poached lobster to lobster chowder.

Benefits of Lobster Delivery

There are obvious benefits to having lobster delivered instead of going to a supplier to buy it. You don’t have to worry about the supplier having what you need in stock on the day of your event. When you go with live Maine lobster delivery, you know you’re getting fresh seafood you can cook with right away. With lobster delivered, all you have to do is bring it from the porch to the kitchen in order to get started on a love affair with lobster.