Grand Rapids MI based Co. Does Everything Power Coating – Step by Step

by | Mar 5, 2021 | Coating

Looking at an architectural outfit can reveal much about how useful powder coating in Grand Rapids really is when it comes to protecting and preserving the various parts that other parties in a supply chain plan to use. The materials are shipped to the shop and critically expected for flaws and deformities because even coating can’t hide serious bruises. Otherwise, those parts are moved to the next phase in the process without being exposed to external elements.

During the manufacturing of the parts that arrive at the architectural firm, oils and lubricants can become attached and can potentially act as contaminants to the powder coating process. Therefore, the firm has to test them according to their usual standards. This is a simple, yet crucial step in the set of industrial mandates.

To streamline powder coating in Grand Rapids, the practitioner arranges the products on a conveyor system so they can be sprayed evenly and quickly; smaller parts are pre-arranged prior to coating. The first stage is the spray-wash phase, with a solution consisting of heated acid in order to remove the contaminants before described. Then the products can be rinsed off accordingly, which is also automatic like the previous stage. The final two wash rinse phases are recycling reverse osmosis and pure reverse osmosis.

Sandblasting is the primer to coating directives. As a matter of fact, the process is as important to powder coating as wings are to birds.

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