What You Should Look for in High Quality Powder Coating in Grand Rapids

by | Feb 22, 2021 | Coating

If you are looking for a suitable finish for your products, you may be considering powder coating. This process is a good way to get the best aesthetic look while also providing protection. Custom Powder coating in Grand Rapids can be done in the traditional manner, as well as with liquid powder coating. Get help deciding which is the best process for your company’s needs.

Powder Coating Basics

In essence, powder coating involves placing a layer of resin to metal. This resin is in the form of powder, hence the name. To perform the application, an electrostatic spray disposition process is used. Next, the powder is placed into an oven to create a solid finish. The best thing about powder coating is that it can be used on almost any type of metal. It can also take many different forms in terms of color and texture. Therefore, regardless of your need, there is a powder coating application that can cover your needs.

An Overview of Liquid Coating

Liquid coating is similar to powder coating, but there are a few important differences. With liquid coating, a thinner coat is sufficient to perform the same role. Due to this, liquid coating is more appropriate for applications that need a higher tolerance. In the end, this creates a durable and flexible coating for different uses.

Coating With Plastisol

One other option is to use plastisol coating. This type of coating consists of PVC particles suspended in a plasticizer. Initially, the substance exists in a liquid form. Once it is heated, it will form a covering much like powder coating in Grand Rapids.

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