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As of 1990, it became illegal for employers to discriminate against individuals who are affected by any disability. In this example, we are referring to the hearing impaired who require hearing aids and other accommodations. The Americans with Disabilities Act imposes restrictions on employers to ensure that you are well protected. That means, they may require a hearing test if you live in Ada, but what accommodations might you need?

Work Accommodations Required by the ADA

You’re entitled to certain accommodations under the disability act. The most obvious of these is computer assistance, for example, a telecommunications relay that will provide you with text transcripts for every single call. Additionally, FM systems that amplify the conversation around you could be provided. Finally, you could be entitled to work in a spot with less noise traffic which will enable you to do your job better. While this accommodation might cost your employer more, they are still required by law and your potential employers is not allowed to disqualify you based on those requirements.

Get a Hearing Test

To learn more about your condition, you may be required to take a hearing test to see where you stand on the spectrum. Often, the condition can be fixed with hearing aids depending on the severity of the damage. For more information and potential solutions to your hearing loss, make sure you see a physician and most importantly inquire with companies like Ear Master to find out just what kind of equipment you need and what kind of timeline you can expect. No matter your disability, there is still a world of opportunity open to you. You can also connect with us on Facebook for more updates.