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PMJ Technology is an electronic manufacturing service and contract manufacturing service provider that is committed to never ending growth and delivering the best quality of service in electronic manufacturing. They produce top-quality products for services such as prototypes, injection molding and tooling, and PCB, or printed circuit board assembly for industries like commercial, consumer, and electronic. PMJ Technology offers a tariff-free lower-cost option for printed circuit board assembly without having to give up the local service, and they pride themselves on being trusted partners for the customers while providing cost-effective and results-oriented business for manufacturing and business projects.

This electronic contract manufacturer delivers high-quality customized service while maintaining its global capacities and competitive pricing. When it comes to prototyping, PMJ has flexible solutions that encompass strict adherence to the particular design specifications, all the way to a complete re-design of a model. With injection molding and tooling, the services include design, tool fabrication, rapid prototyping, high-capacity manufacturing of plastic, metal, and insert moldings. This electronic contract manufacturer takes complete responsibility for making sure each customer has the services they need whether it be turnkey systems and box builds, leveraging their knowledge to meet the customer’s goals from sourcing components to final testing, or cable harness assembly, providing both standard and custom cable assembly and supporting various markets in the agriculture and industrial areas.

This dedicated team will work diligently with their customers through all stages of manufacturing from the beginning with the prototypes to the final product testing and end results of the project.