Hire a Labor Law Attorney in Los Angeles, CA, to Stay in Compliance With Employment Laws

by | Feb 8, 2021 | Law Services

It can be difficult and confusing for companies to remain in compliance with federal and state unemployment laws. Regardless of the size of the business, owners must follow hiring regulations or face severe punishments. Below are several mistakes companies make where labor and employment laws are concerned, as well as some tips on avoiding them.

Incomplete I-9 Forms

The I-9 or Employment Eligibility Verification Form verifies an employee’s identity and their eligibility for employment in the US. The law mandates the filling and submission of the I-9 within three days of when the employee starts working. Missing the deadline or filling the form inaccurately can result in steep fines and other legal consequences.

Outdated W-4s

Form W-4 establishes tax withholdings to be taken from the employee’s wages. A worker must fill this form upon hiring and before the first paycheck is received. It is the employer’s responsibility to keep updated W-4 forms that reflect employees’ living situations, to ensure compliance with labor laws.

Insufficient Application Forms

A job application form is filled out by potential employees, and it serves as the company’s main source of information on these workers. Federal and state employment laws mandate that specific notices and questions be included, such as criminal background questions, ADA procedures and at-will employment notices. A labor law attorney in Los Angeles, CA, can help companies draft applications that help them stay in compliance with the law.

Not Providing Harassment Prevention Education

Federal and state laws protect workers from various forms of on-the-job harassment, and most employers are required to provide preventive training for workers. An employee’s behavior is reflective of the management team, and without sufficient training, leaders may allow conduct that violates laws on harassment. Even in areas without harassment training laws, companies should consult an attorney for help in staying in compliance with workplace harassment laws.

There are many legal violations that can cost companies a significant amount of money in terms of fines, penalties, and retroactive pay. A company owner needing help to ensure compliance with state law should Visit Employee Law Group for a free consultation with a labor law attorney in Los Angeles, CA.

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