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Having your home treated regularly for termites can help keep them under control and protect your house. Active termites can quickly eat away at your home’s structure, causing thousands of dollars of damage. If you hire the best pest control in Brick NJ, you can keep your home intact by treating for and getting rid of termites.

Subterranean Pests
To have your home properly treated for termites, the pest control company you hire has to get them where they work—underground. Most termites are subterranean and will find access to your home’s wood frame by digging through the ground and going beneath or through the foundation. To successfully treat these termites, the best pest control companies will go into crawl spaces. They should also treat beneath bathtubs, showers and sinks because termites gravitate to moisture.

Organic Treatments
Many pest control companies offer organic methods of treating termites because termite sprays can contain very toxic chemicals. These chemicals, if used improperly, can kill family pets that may get into the poison. By using organic pest control methods, however your pets, as well as your family, will be safer because fewer toxic chemicals will be used in and around your house.

The best pest control companies will know which others areas to treat around your home to help reduce the termite population. Concrete slab expansion joints, cracks in flooring and underneath sunken floors should be treated for termites as well. They will also do any necessary clean-up after themselves, which could be patching drill holes, filling in trenches or cleaning up their debris.

Most companies guarantee their work, so if you see active termites after your house has been treated, the Dynamic Pest Control LLC take care of the problem right away, at their expense.