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Most people think of acne as a problem just for teenagers. But those who suffer from severe acne know it can be a lifelong problem. Even those who have been lucky enough to grow out of massive acne breakouts still suffer from terrible acne scars, but there is help available. All the moisturizing and cleansing products in the world cannot come close to the results that many people see every day from Chemical Peels St. Johns FL.

During a chemical peel, a chemical solution is massaged into the skin and allowed to soak in. Then, over the next few days, the chemicals deeply penetrate the skin, causing the skin to peel off. The procedure destroys part of the skin in a very precise and controlled way, allowing new, radiant skin to grow in its place.

Preparing For the Peel

Based on your skin type and your intended results, a consultant will help you choose what depth of peel is appropriate. Depending on the scarring level, different chemical compositions will be chosen for the peel. For acne scarring, it’s recommended to have at least a medium peel.

A couple of weeks before the peel, you will be asked to prepare your skin. This involves cleaning the skin twice daily, applying a special moisturizer, and using sunscreen daily. This process allows the peel to penetrate more evenly and speeds the healing process. For medium or deep peels, you may also be given a course of anti-viral medication to help prevent viral infections.

How the Peel is Performed

Immediately before the peel, the skin is cleaned. A small brush or gauze is used to apply the chemical to the skin. After a predetermined length of time, water or alcohol is used to neutralize the acid and end the chemical reaction. The chemical is then removed. While the chemical is on your skin, you may feel a slight burning sensation. Many times, a small hand-held fan can help to ease the discomfort.

Chemical Peels St. Johns FL can help revitalize your complexion and remove acne scars. There is no reason to needlessly suffer from acne scarring. A chemical peel can give you the results you’ve always dreamed of. Visit Fountain of Beauty for more information at