What Should You Know About the Immigration Laws in the Twin Cities?

by | Mar 9, 2022 | attorney

Are you looking for someone who understands immigration laws in the Twin Cities? As an immigrant, there are many legal challenges facing you. Everything from DACA renewals to visa requirements is important to understand. By working with experienced legal representation, your case won’t go unheard. The laws applicable to immigrants in the Twin Cities aren’t overly complicated, thankfully.

DACA Renewals

The Deferred Action Against Children Act has changed many lives. Thanks to its introduction, tons of children were able to stay in the US. Without it, they would have been deported back to their home countries. However, even if you’re a part of it, renewals are necessary. Work with a legal expert and file your renewal properly. That way, there won’t be any issues with it being denied.


Have you immigrated to the US and would like to become a citizen? If so, the naturalization process is what you’re looking for. When naturalized, a person receives legal citizenship in the US. To become a citizen, certain requirements must be met, though. A legal expert would be able to help you make sure you’ve met them all.

Temporary Protected Status and Refugees

Sometimes, people come to the US because they’re feeling terrible things back home. In that case, they’re given special status as refugees. If you have temporary protection status, it’s important to understand your rights. By speaking to legal counsel, you’ll learn everything there is to know.

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