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A furnace is a wonderful way to ensure that your home is comfortable during the winter months. As with any type of heating system, a furnace will only last for so many years. Is it time for you to start thinking about a new furnace installation? If any of these three situations apply to your home, the answer is yes.

The Furnace Came with the House

The current furnace was in the home when you purchased the property. At first, that doesn’t seem so bad, then you realize that the mortgage only has another five years before it’s paid in full. Since you don’t know how long the current furnace was in the home before you bought it, now is the time to think about replacing it before any real problems develop.

Some Areas Never Heat Properly

While the furnace does a generally good job, there are some areas of the home where things get a little chilly. Since you can remember a time when the home was at a constant temperature in every room, it isn’t the insulation. Have the furnace checked by a professional. If it’s beginning to wear out, it’s time to talk about some sort of new furnace installation.

Your Heating Bills Are Increasing

The current furnace seems to be working harder to keep the indoor temperature at a comfortable level. That’s made apparent by the increase in the heating bill. Unless some simple repair will lower the energy consumption, you would do well to start planning for a new furnace installation.

Do you think that your old furnace has seen better days? Call First Choice Heating and Cooling and we’ll help you figure out what needs to happen next. If your furnace would be fine after a few repairs, that’s what we’ll do. When you want a new one, our team will help you select one that’s ideal for your home. Either way, the house will be much cozier this coming winter.