Storing Fresh Items Inside Your Cooler Until They Are Needed

by | Sep 30, 2019 | Air Conditioning & Heating

One of the important pieces of equipment that you want to own if you operate a restaurant business is a walk-in freezer or a cooler. This is where all of your ingredients will be stored until they are used as well as any special orders that you make that customers can pick up or that you can deliver to customers or special events. When you look at walk-in coolers and freezers that Portland, OR, businesses use, you’ll likely see some type of organization that keeps everything separated and where it’s easy to find when needed.


The correct shelves for your system should be used so that they fit properly. If the shelves are a different size, then they might not stay in place as you begin adding more items on them. This could result in everything falling to the floor of the cooler and getting damaged. The shelves that are on the bottom should be kept a few inches off of the floor to ensure that items don’t get dirty and to keep any possible pests from getting into your food.

Raw Foods

Any raw meat or foods that are in liquids should be stored on the bottom shelves. When you look inside walk-in coolers and freezers in Portland, OR, stores, you’ll usually see that these items are in boxes and sitting on the lower shelves for more protection. This is also beneficial for moving meats and items that are sitting in liquids to other areas of the cooler because they won’t tend to drip on the other items on the shelves.


When foods are stored in your cooler, you need to keep enough space between them so that they can breathe. If foods sit on top of each other or are close together on the shelves, then they usually won’t stay as cold as you would like.

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