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The climate in Hawaii is agreeable, but there are times you need dependable heating and cooling. It seems like air conditioners always develop problems in hot weather and heat systems break down on the coldest days of the year. To avoid many of these problems, consider seasonal maintenance from your HVAC repair specialists in Kauai. Here are some of the benefits you can receive from these services.

What is Seasonal Maintenance?

Before the hot months of summer and cool months of winter, you can call a local HVAC repair company in Kauai like Island Comfort. Your technician comes out and inspects your heating and cooling system and looks for any problems. He gives all the components a thorough cleaning and checks and lubricates motors, making sure they stay in good condition. These services can prevent many common HVAC problems.

Clean Systems

Your technician takes off covers and plates to clean blower systems, heaters, and coils. Air conditioning systems work by taking heat from inside your home and placing it outside. Heat transfers to the condenser coils, and but it is also the reason they feel warm when the AC unit runs. Dirty condenser coils cannot remove heat from your home efficiently. This makes your AC work harder, and it places stress on parts causing them to wear out prematurely.

Dirty coils make your AC unit use more energy. A clean system is not only more energy-efficient, it is less likely to have HVAC repair issues in Kauai.

Catch Problems in Their Early Stages

One of the biggest benefits of seasonal maintenance is problem prevention. During a routine inspection, the technician may spot a capacitor, blower motor, or other parts which are close to failure. By fixing these things now, you do not have to worry about possible breakdowns in the future.