How to Get Access to Inheritance Faster with Estate Loans in New Jersey

by | Feb 3, 2021 | Financial Services

Waiting to receive funds from an inheritance is frustrating. Many people need to use the money to pay for costs related to the person’s funeral or to settle amounts owed on the estate. Instead of waiting for the case to go through the probate process to get funds, many people are turning to companies that offer fast access to estate loans.

What Is an Estate Loan?

Essentially, it’s a cash advance from a qualified lender that gives people access to estate funds. The process is fast and easy and many people have their cash in hand within several days.

One thing that’s important for applicants to know is that regardless of advance being called a “loan,” it’s not something a person pays back from their funds. The advance on the inheritance is paid back after probate releases the funds. Before choosing a company for this kind of advance, people want to make sure they understand exactly how the process works.

How Much Can a Person Borrow?

Another misunderstanding that people have regarding inheritance loans is that they can access the full amount. This isn’t the case. Inheritance advances allow a person to access up to one-third of the expected inheritance.

How Much Does It Cost?

The amount it ends up costing a person depends on the size of the advance and the anticipated timeframe for releasing the estate’s funds. For more information about estate loans work and the costs of taking out an advance, contact the local professionals at Inheritance Loans USA online at

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