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ADHD (attention deficit hyperactivity disorder) is a neurodevelopmental disorder and, as such, can affect different children to different degrees of severity. It’s a condition that can affect the child’s ability to perform well in school or maintain lasting friendships, which is why a child with this condition should begin seeing an ADHD specialist in Charleston, SC, as early as possible. By watching for the following symptoms, you can help your child get treatment sooner.

Focusing on the Self
Children with ADHD tend to focus more on themselves without acknowledging the feelings of others. This results in a tendency to interrupt others who are talking. Their behavior can be affected similarly, causing them to try to jump ahead in line or show impatience in waiting for their turn.

Loss of Temper
Emotions are also affected by this type of disorder, causing children to get upset easily. If your child frequently has temper tantrums or gets angry easily, these outbursts may indicate that they’re suffering from ADHD.

Inability to Sit Quietly
Your child should see an ADHD specialist in Charleston, SC, if you notice that they can’t seem to play quietly by themselves. If they fidget frequently or seem overly energetic, these behaviors may indicate a problem. Children with ADHD will also have a tendency to start one thing, abandon it, and start another new project. Unfinished tasks can be a warning sign of the condition.

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