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The bass is one of the largest stringed instruments anyone can play. It is also one of the most difficult to lug around, which means that when a string on it breaks, it takes a large truck to get it somewhere for repairs. If you are a bass player in Avondale, GA, however, it might be a lot easier than you would expect. Repairing your 5 String Bass In Avondale Estates, GA is as easy as scheduling a pickup service.

Schedule the Pick-up and Delivery Service

Schools, orchestras, and even private citizens who play the bass can go online and schedule the pick-up and delivery service. A truck comes from the instrument repair shop to your school, home, performing arts hall, etc., and picks up the instrument. Usually, within two business days, they will return it to you at the location you specified on the online form. If you need it sooner for a performance, make sure to ask for a 24-hour turnaround or emergency repair service. This service is so essential to bass players because it alleviates concerns with how you will transport the instrument in to the repair shop and retrieve it from the repair shop.

Along With the Repairs Your Instrument Will Be Tuned

Nobody likes getting their instrument back from a repair shop to find it out of tune. This repair shop that provides service for 5 string bass in Avondale Estates, GA, tunes the instrument immediately after fixing the issues with your strings. Your instrument comes back to you ready to play.