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Nobody wants to sit in jail, ever, and especially not while they are sitting around waiting on trial proceedings to begin. Contrary to a popular misconception, the court doesn’t impose bail to keep you locked up and suffering. Bail is a means for you to go free until trial proceedings, and it’s a guarantee that you’ll attend your own trial if you are allowed to go home to wait it out. What if you can’t post bail? Consider using a bail bond agent in Tempe, AZ, to help you out.

What Does a Bail Bond Agent Do?

A bail bond agent promises to pay the court full bail on your behalf should you skip trial proceedings, which, by the way, is a very bad idea. For his or her trouble, the bond agent charges you a mere 10 percent of total bail and, in turn, presents a bond or promissory note to the court. The percentage the bond agent charges you is their nonrefundable fee.

How to Pay for a Bail Bond

There are several ways to pay for a bail bond. Depending on the bond agent, your situation and your credit, you may be able to finance the bail bond. Financing may entail zero down and a payment plan. Some agents even let you charge their fee on a credit card that you then pay off over time as you pay down your card balance. Two other payment options include collateral and guarantors. Collateral can be real estate, firearms, jewelry, electronics or cars that you offer as potential payment or a guarantee of a return to court. A guarantor is someone who co-signs the bail bond agreement, agreeing to cover costs in the event a defendant fails to appear.

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