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The phrase “the thick and the thin” certainly relates to diamond-plated aluminum for sale by an experienced dealer and distributor. Customers have their choice of aluminum products ranging from almost razor-thin to a sturdy 0.125 inches. Being able to test tight sawing tolerances through custom cutting jobs is what makes a turns an aluminum for sale operation into a premier business.

Aluminum alloy is strong and lightweight, which makes it ideal for even the most complex designs. The variety of product applications with the metal goes back to the extrusion process. It sounds complicated, but aluminum extrusion is pretty much synonymous with taking the raw material and forming it into the appropriate shapes and sizes. Because lead times are comparatively shorter using extrusion than with other known processes, it has become the service offering of choice.

Extrusion is possible because a steel dye pushes heated, malleable aluminum through a hydraulic press accompanied by an automatic lathe system. The pre-formed material is loaded into the chamber where it will be melted while still retaining a little bit of solidity. That may sound like a bit of an oxymoron, but it’s true. Once it comes out of the other side, it should’ve taken on the desired shape – then it is quenched or cooled so it can conform more closely.

Successful process controls depend on the ability to keep the aluminum heated during extrusion. As the material moves throughout the system, an experienced monitor for any hiccups in temperature control or quench timing.