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As a fun addition to any meal, as a snack or as a great way to enjoy a sweet treat at any time, cake pops offer a smaller size option to a traditional cupcake. They are also great for kids and adults alike, and since they come on a stick, they are ideal for sharing and enjoying as a finger-food type of dessert.

The key to making great cake pops is to have the right options in cake pop molds. Buying at the same place professional bakers buy their supplies is a practical solution for home bakers to ensure they are getting the best quality molds. Professional bakers shop at N.Y. Cake and the selection of molds available make it easy to add to your collection and make a variety of shapes to suit any special event, season or theme.

Basic Considerations

The best material for cake pop molds is silicone. These baking pans are flexible and can bend, allowing easy removal of the cake pops without ripping, tearing or creating irregular shapes.

Additionally, silicone is naturally non-stick, so there is no need to add butter or oil for ease of removal. Of course, it is possible to use a very light coating if desired, as some cake recipes can be more difficult to work with than others.

To use the cake pop molds, look carefully at the two molds and select the one without the holes in the top of the molds as the bottom. Fill the bottom half of the mold using a piping bag, allowing the batter to mound up in the middle. Place the mold with the small holes in the top over the bottom mold carefully and push it to connect the top and bottom.

When removing the cake pops, bend the mold if needed to allow for easy release. Use melted chocolate or another type of material on the stick when inserting it in the pop. Place in the freezer for 30 minutes before decorating to ensure the stick stays in place.

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