Is Fall a Good Time for AC Installation in Jacksonville FL?

by | Jan 6, 2023 | HVAC contractor

While most people are now more concerned with heating rather than AC during cooler months, now might be the ideal time to consider looking at a new Amana air conditioning system. Having the system down for a few days isn’t really an inconvenience at this time of year, and installers may have pretty good deals available. If your AC is older or has been experiencing problems, why not explore your options?

Be Ready For Next Summer

Most area homeowners expect their AC unit to function when that first hot day arrives, but not all units will be ready to meet the challenge. That’s why it’s a good idea to contact local experts now for an evaluation of the current system to determine if an upgrade is in order. With a new unit in place, there’s no doubt it will operate properly when the hot weather rolls around again.

New Units Cost Less to Operate

Utility bills can get a little out of hand during the hottest months, meaning a new, energy-efficient unit might well offer significant savings when compared to older models commonly in use around Grand Rapids. In addition, expert installers will properly match the new unit to meet a home’s needs. Too many older units were installed without properly evaluating the size of a home, the number of windows, and the level of insulation.

Ducts Can Be Updated

In many cases, older ductwork isn’t adequate, which means not all rooms receive the airflow needed for optimal comfort. New AC Installation in Jacksonville FL will include evaluating the current duct system to ensure airflow to all rooms is adequate. Cold and hot spots are eliminated and comfort levels improved. Updating ductwork is especially important for homes with additions.

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