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Homeowners that have a lot of junk they need to get rid of having a few options. Of course, they can always haul the junk to a dump using their own vehicle, but this isn’t usually feasible or desirable as it would often take many trips, a lot of effort, and a decent amount of gas. It’s often a better option to hire a professional junk removal company or investigate Small Dumpster Rentals in Hampton. There are pros and cons with each of these methods.

Effort Required

Dumpster Rentals In Hampton require the homeowner to fill up the dumpster, which can be quite a lot of work. Hiring professional junk removal services typically means that the professionals move everything from wherever it’s located in their vehicle for removal, making it much easier on the homeowner. This may be the best bet for people who have a lot of larger or heavier items that they can’t easily move by themselves.


One drawback of junk removal services is that the homeowner has to have everything ready to go and be available at a set time. If a project should take a bit longer than expected or the homeowner misses anything, they’ll have to call for another appointment and pay for another trip by the service. With a dumpster, the homeowner typically has a number of days to fill it up and can schedule the pickup for whenever is most convenient. This makes dumpster rental a better alternative for those with longer projects, such as home renovations.

Type of Materials

Junk removal services may sort items and recycle those that are suitable, but the materials in a dumpster will most likely all go in the trash. However, some junk removal companies may have a wide variety of items that they aren’t willing to remove while pretty much anything but hazardous materials can go in a dumpster. Thus, the type of materials that a homeowner is getting rid of may play a role in the decision of which type of company to hire for the removal of unwanted materials.

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