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Everyone has a camera with them today, so at special events, it is a nice idea for guest to have a well-designed and decorated area to take group pictures, selfies or photos of themselves with the guests of honor.

At weddings and anniversaries, guest may want to take pictures with the happy couple, for birthdays and quinceaneras it is a great way to have a personal memory with a special family member or friend. For corporate events, it is possible to create a photo booth backdrop that includes the sponsoring company’s colors, adding a nice additional marketing touch.

Options to Consider

The color is always important when choosing a photo booth backdrop. It is critical to consider what attendees will be wearing and choose a background color that won’t cause problems with pictures.

For example, if the bride is wearing a traditional white gown, a white background for photos is going to be problematic. However, if the groom is wearing a black suit, a black background will not be ideal either.

The type of draping material will also be important to consider. Sheer fabrics such as voile give a soft, diffuse and airy look to a background. Solid fabrics such as taffeta, satin, and polyester give a more vibrant solid look to the photo booth backdrop.

Adding Style

To create an interesting look, consider combining heavier drapes with the sheer materials to create more of a window-like look. Additionally, consider panels of alternating colors of all sheer or all solid colors for a bold and bright or soft and subtle look.

Adding a few props to your photo booth can accentuate the backdrop. This could include the initials of the bride and groom and the date or perhaps a corporate logo that is displayed on the backdrop. Of course, adding chairs for guests to use to create different looks for their photos is also a great idea and one that is easy to incorporate even in a small area.

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