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People looking for an affordable, all-wheel drive vehicle with an impressive list of safety and infotainment features will be happy they have discovered the new Subaru Impreza at Naperville. The Impreza has a refined, quiet, and spacious interior and is available with either an automatic or an optional manual transmission.

What’s New for 2019?

The fifth generation Impreza entered the Naperville market in 2017. There are many reasons to buy a new Impreza at Hawk Subaru.

The Cabin Is Spacious and Quiet

For being a rather small compact sedan, the new Impreza boasts a spacious and quiet cabin. There is ample room in the back for even the tallest adult. The front seat position ensures plenty of head, hip, and shoulder room. The vehicle is quiet, even at highway speeds. Regardless of whether you settle on the sedan or hatchback version, you will find the ride to be smooth and devoid of bothersome road and wind noise. Even the Sports model with a firmer suspension and larger wheels provides a smooth, quality ride.

Safety Features

The Subaru Impreza comes complete with a package of active driver aids. This package, known as the “Eyesight Suite,” includes all the safety features and driver aids that anyone could ask for. Among the many features is adaptive cruise control, sway warning, pre-collision braking, throttle management and keep lane assist. Subaru goes over and above the norm when it comes to impressive safety features.

Standard All-wheel Drive

Every Subaru model, including the new Impreza, has standard all-wheel drive. This feature makes the vehicle a better performer during heavy rain, snow, and icy conditions. The handling during less than favorable road conditions is stable, and the car is easy to control.

Excellent Safety Ratings

Both the NHTSA and IIHS have given the new Subaru Impreza high marks. The NHTSA gives both the sedan and hatchback a five out of five; the IIHS awards it “good” marks and higher. The crash avoidance technology employed is rated as superior.