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Walking around any trade show in Las Vegas is a very eye-opening experience. By taking a stroll through the display areas, it is obvious how professionally designed trade show exhibits generate a buzz and interest while the basic trade show booth rental options are much less enticing and interesting.

What many people may not realize is that the professionally designed and beautifully set up displays and exhibits may in fact be trade show exhibit rentals. There are a few companies in this field that have the designers and the expertise to create elaborate, branded displays that are truly eye-catching and interesting.

One of these companies is Chicago Exhibit Productions, Inc., and you will find their trade show exhibit rentals are some of the best around the world. This company focuses on professional design and installation of the display, allowing your team to focus on the marketing and networking aspects of attending the show.

Customized Design, Setup and Dismantling

If you are looking for something different, unique and identifiable as your space at the trade show, customized rentals are the only option to choose. The company provides full trade show services, ensuring the display, the structure, the lighting, and the marketing features are all in place and set up to your specifications.

With the setup and dismantling all done by professionals, the time required by the trade show services to complete the work is minimal. These crews are familiar with the regulations and requirements in working in different Las Vegas facilities and venues, and they ensure all requirements are followed during the process.

Always look for companies offering exhibit services with extensive experience in the industry. This ensures quality in all aspects of the project from coordinating the design elements to having the booth up and ready at the start of the show.

When you want quality, innovation and creativity in your trade show exhibit rentals, talk to the experts at Chicago Exhibit Productions, Inc. More details on our services can be found at