Mermaid Molds From N.Y. Cake

by | May 21, 2019 | Shopping & Fashion

If you are looking for dazzling decorations like mermaid molds to beautify your custom cake, N.Y. Cake can provide you with the supplies to make your next event impressive. Since 1991, Joan Mansour has created an environment and business for homemakers who desire products and supplies with the highest of quality and functionality. Located in Yonkers, NY, Joan’s business was originally inspired by her ability to make neighborhood famous birthday cakes. After years of experience in the cake decorating industry, N.Y. Cake has evolved from a startup cake supply company into an inventory packed 20,000 square foot warehouse, along with a school where homemakers can learn to build masterful cakes called the NY Cake Academy.

Whether you are a professional caterer for events, or an ambitious hobbyist looking to improve cake baking skills, N.Y. Cake provides you with world class tools and supplies to make just about any color, size, texture, or flavor of cake you could dream up. If you are hosting an event and don’t know what cake to use, view N.Y. Cake’s massive online inventory to acquire some great ideas, and find products that are key to baking professional cakes. N.Y. Cake has some of the most unique items like the Stiletto High Heel Shoe Kit, which can offer something unique when it comes time to making a gorgeous cake for a special event. Decorate a memorable looking cake like using mermaid molds for that event that comes once in a lifetime, instead of reverting to conventional styles of cakes that no one will remember.

To learn more, visit us online  where you can view online inventory, contact us, see our sitemap, and learn more facts about what makes N.Y. Cake one of the biggest suppliers and educators of cake decorating in the world. N.Y. Cake is an Verified Merchant. Make an order of over $99 today and receive free shipping.

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