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You love the way your new dental veneers in Macon GA look and it would be nice to keep them looking great for a long time. With the right care, there is no reason why the veneers will not look nice for many years to come. Along with being careful about biting into anything too hard, there are some other maintenance tips that will help. Here are three that you can begin using today.

Choose Your Toothpaste Wisely

You want to brush after every meal so choose a toothpaste that’s non-abrasive for regular usage. This will mean reading the ingredients before picking up a new tube. Some brands today include baking soda or other ingredients to add a slightly gritty texture, but you should avoid those brands. Go with a toothpaste that is smooth and free of anything that would scratch the veneer surfaces.

The Same Goes for Your Toothbrush

The days of hard bristles are behind you. Your new veneers in Macon GA will do better if you go for a brush with soft bristles. When paired with the right kind of toothpaste, you will remove residue from the surfaces as well as between teeth. Using an oral irrigator along the gum line and in between your teeth is perfectly safe for your veneers as well.

Keep Coming In for Exams and Cleanings

You still need to come in for one or two cleanings a year. The annual dental exam is also part of the ongoing effort to take care of your teeth. Along with checking the condition of the teeth and gums, these visits also provide the opportunity to identify and resolve any issues affecting your veneers in Macon GA, including issues like teeth grinding.

Make the most of those new veneers by keeping them in top shape. Ask about more tips for maximizing your veneers with proper maintenance. Your efforts will pay off in the form of a smile that looks brilliant for many years to come.