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Mica Heaters stand out against traditional heaters, having many benefits that make them more appealing. While radiant and convection heaters are typically used to heat households, many people and businesses are turning to Micathermic heaters. And it’s easy to see why!

How Do They Work?

Micathermic heaters use a mineral called mica. This mineral is a great electric and heat conductor, making it perfect to heat a room or whole building. Electricity runs through the heater, which warms the mica. Then it releases electromagnetic rays, which warms the objects in the room. Finally, the objects give off heat to evenly heat the air. Although it may sound a little strange, there are quite a few benefits to using these mica heaters.


They are more efficient than traditional heaters. Because the heater uses the objects in the room to distribute heat, the warmth spreads evenly throughout the room. It also heats spaces much quicker–regardless of the size of the room or building.

Another benefit to heating the objects in the room is these heaters don’t blow air around the room, which decreases the spread of allergens and bacteria. Instead of drying out the air, they humidify it.

A third benefit is the watt density. These heaters tend to have a high watt density, which refers to the wattage output relative to the heater’s size. Essentially, this means even if the heater is small and compact, it still produces plenty of heat.

Although Mica heaters may be considered excessive for small spaces, as they distribute a lot of heat very quickly, they can be functional for homes and small spaces as well. However, if you’re looking to heat a large building or office, then this type of heater is perfect for you.