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One of the most common challenges faced by those with physical mobility issues is getting into and out of homes in the Dallas area. Most homes have some type of step up to both the front and back door, even if it is a single step.

Adding a wheelchair ramp to your home is a cost-effective \ way to allow those in wheelchairs to enter and exit the home without assistance. These ramps vary from small threshold ramps to get up and over door entries to longer modular ramps that are ideal for homes with front porches and several steps.

Portable or Permanent

There are a number of wheelchair ramp styles that range from portable to permanent installations. As the name implies, portable ramps are perfect for those on the go. They are generally designed to fold in some configuration to make them easy to store in a larger vehicle or in the home.
Semi-permanent ramps tend to be larger and solid in design, without the ability to fold. Some of these ramps have handrails for support for those with balance or mobility issues.

Permanent ramps can be modular and are designed to provide a longer, sloping access combined with the option to configure the ramp to the specifics of the entrance area.


In the Dallas area, the biggest concern is the durability of the wheelchair ramp when exposed to heat, UV light, and rainy and wet conditions.
Aluminum makes a great material choice as it is long-lasting, non-corrosive, and can be texturized to avoid slipping on the surface.

At CVI Medical we provide wheelchair ramp options for homes in the Dallas area customized to your needs. To see our selection, visit us online at