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Many people have heard of orthotics in the past but didnt really believe it was something that would benefit them. In a nutshell, orthotics are corrective devices that are designed to align the ankle and foot into the most anatomically efficient position for the body. Orthotics in Jacksonville FL are usually inserted into the shoes like traditional insoles. While orthotics may seem like a simple idea, there is much to consider when creating custom orthotics for each individual. This is because no two people are the same, and everyone has their own personal specifications when it comes to correcting an imbalance in the feet and thus the body.

Custom Orthotics Help Alleviate Stress in the Body

Much like two people will rarely have the same eyeglass prescription, so goes the same for orthotics. By utilizing custom orthotics that are tailor made to fit your personal needs, you can effectively alleviate much of the stress that your body suffers due to an imbalance in your step. In most cases a chiropractor can prescribe customized orthotics in order to best suit each individuals condition. Once this is done, the plastic body of orthotics are molded or shaped to make the corrections that are needed in an effort to reroute or decrease specific movements in an individuals gait. This correction can help with a litany of aliments including pain in the knees, ankles, lower back, hips, and of course the feet.

Eliminating Body Aches and Pain from the Feet Up

Your feet play an important role in how the rest of your body feels. If you have been suffering with unexplained pain in any areas mentioned above, consider speaking with a professional about custom orthotics today. Medical professionals like those found at the First Coast Foot and Ankle Clinic can help you attain custom orthotics in Jacksonville, FL. Contact First Coast Foot and Ankle Clinic office and make an appointment with one of their talented today.