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Many men and women have driving habits that can damage their vehicles, even the most expensive parts like the automatic transmission. Aside from trusting oil change technicians to keep the transmission fluid at an optimum level, you may not think about other ways to properly care for this crucial component. Habits that can damage the transmission will eventually create a need for auto repair in Columbia, MO.

Impatience When Shifting

Drivers often are too impatient to wait a few seconds to come to a complete stop when shifting between reverse and drive. The car is still rolling backward when you shift into drive mode. Making a habit of this can result in the need for auto repair in Columbia, MO.

Getting Unstuck

It’s possible to free a car from mud by rocking it using the transmission. However, the repeated switch from drive to reverse puts a lot of strain on the machine and can cause it to overheat. If possible, ask people for help with pushing the car out.

Towing Considerations

Motor vehicles have a maximum towing capacity that many owners ignore. You may figure it won’t hurt the car to tow a moving trailer just once, for example. Yet that puts far too much strain on the transmission if the weight is beyond the maximum capacity. Most cars are not equipped to haul a powerboat on a trailer or a large camper. Consider buying a pickup truck or a sport utility vehicle that can safely handle the job.

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