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Outdoor light fixtures of all kinds can add beauty, character, and safety to your property. To ensure these fixtures provide many years of reliable service, though, it’s important that they’re installed safely. Whether you’re installing the fixtures yourself or enlisting someone else to install your outdoor light fixtures in Palm Beach County FL, here are some safety measures that should be taken.

Know Before You Dig

If your light fixtures are spread across your yard, you’ll need to run electric wiring beneath the surface of your turf. Before beginning this process, however, it’s important to have a utility locating service stop by your home to ensure you won’t hit any utility lines in the process of burying your cables. If you fail to complete this step and you do cut a utility line, the installation of your outdoor light fixtures in Palm Beach County, FL, could wind up being an expensive process.

Stay Grounded

Since your light fixtures will be exposed to all types of weather, it’s important to ensure that they’re properly grounded. If you’re running a new electric line to supply your outdoor fixtures, you’ll want to ensure that the individual fixtures are properly grounded and that the supply line itself is properly terminated and grounded. Also, you’ll want to be sure that the electrical connections for each fixture are properly sealed from moisture to prevent problems down the road.

Don’t Overload

If you’re going for security more than ambiance with your outdoor light fixtures, you’ll likely want to use the brightest light bulbs possible. This is completely acceptable, so long as you ensure that you don’t use bulbs of a higher wattage than your fixture is rated to handle. All fixtures should be clearly labeled with a notice explaining the maximum wattage of bulbs that can be used in the fixture. If you find a fixture that doesn’t have this label, do some research to track this number down before installing a light bulb.

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