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In any type of indoor growing operation, optimizing the production of the plants is always the bottom line indicator of the success of the endeavor. This starts with choosing the best varieties of plants, creating the ideal growing conditions and also ensuring the correct amount of light.

As light, and a time of rest or darkness, is essential for all types of crops, choosing advanced LED to grow lights that provide the optimal types of light is critical. Simply creating light conditions does not necessarily mean providing the ideal light spectrum for the plant, which will change as the plant matures and goes through specific stages.

Automated Control

Most grow lights on the market offer one specific lighting spectrum. In basic types of production this is often sufficient, but for enhancing flowering, fruiting and vegetation grow in one crop or between crops, the ability to use pre-set automated programs that control the light color based on the specific growth stage of the plant.

Additionally, the top selection of these advanced LED grow lights can also provide the grower the ability to customize settings to work specifically with the crop under the lights. While only a few companies offer these fully controllable types of LED grow lights, Revolution Micro is making these lights readily available to producers around the world.

Energy Savings

In addition to offering the grower the ability to change the lighting spectrum based on the stage of the plants’ growth as well as the specific horticultural crop, advanced LED grow lights are also designed to be energy efficient.

With large grow operations using these lights up to 16 hours per day, depending on the specific crop and growth stage, energy efficiency becomes a significant consideration. Look for companies manufacturing not only grow lights with advanced technology, but also those that are energy efficient.

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