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Cockroaches are a problem all around the world. In cold climates, they are able to survive in warm areas of a home or commercial building. In warm climates like Australia, they thrive both indoors and outside.

While it may be different for people to avoid ever having a cockroach in their Sunshine West home, an expert pest exterminator near Sunshine West can offer some important tips to reduce this risk.

Eliminate Water Sources in the House

The first place a professional pest exterminator near Sunshine West looks for signs of cockroach activity is around water sources. These insects need to have water, although they can live as long as two weeks if no water is present.

Remove any pet water dishes at night, do not leave water in the sink, and fix any plumbing leaks that make provide water for the insects.

Remove Food

Food residue on plates and dishes, food in the trash, or food left in cardboard containers attracts these insects. Transfer flour, cereal, or sugar into airtight, sealable containers. Be sure to wipe counters and clean up even slight spills of anything edible. Always make a point of taking out the trash as frequently as possible. Place outside bins away from the house.

Your pest exterminator near Sunshine West will make recommendations to prevent these insects from getting into your home. Sealing around pipes, fixing holes, and removing old wood or debris from around the house are also necessary tasks.

As a highly-rated pest exterminator near Sunshine West, the team at Flick Pest Control Melbourne Sunshine West can inspect your home for cockroaches or other insects. To schedule an appointment, see us at

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