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When a commercial HVAC unit works efficiently and correctly, business owners and employees benefit in the form of increased comfort and productivity. The equipment costs less to operate, and it goes through less wear and tear. However, it can be difficult to know when to call for service if the unit seems to be working abnormally. Below are several signs that it’s time to call a Commercial HVAC Contractor in New Jersey.

Noise Disrupts the Company’s Normal Operations

HVAC units that need repair or tuning often make disruptive noises such as clanking, humming, or buzzing. These sounds can prevent employees from doing their jobs efficiently, and it can disturb visitors, clients, and vendors as well. If the unit is making too much noise, call an HVAC pro for diagnosis and repair.

Workers are Complaining

If the boss’ email inbox is full of complaints from employees about hot cubicles and high humidity, the HVAC unit may need service. Inefficient or inconsistent cooling suggests airflow issues that may lie in the air ducts, blower, or other parts of the system.

Increased Utility Bills

A high utility bill suggests the company is using resources excessively. If an HVAC unit struggles to put out cold air, it draws more power than one that’s working normally. Ask a Commercial HVAC Contractor in New Jersey to find and fix the problem, and watch the company’s utility bills go down.

Excessive Moisture

It’s normal to see some condensation on an HVAC unit. However, excessive moisture is a reliable indicator of a problem. A unit may need service because of external condensation or an increased level of humidity inside the business.

Strange and Unpleasant Odors

Mildew, mold, refrigerant leaks, and other problems can create unpleasant odors. For example, the refrigerant can smell like ether while mildew and mold can give off a musty smell. Rotting odors can indicate that there’s a dead animal in the system. Regardless of the cause, an HVAC contractor can find and resolve it.

A company’s success depends on the comfort of its employees and customers, and a functional HVAC system does much to ensure that comfort. If a company needs commercial HVAC maintenance and repair, they can count on First Choice Heating and Cooling to do the job.