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In the event of a divorce, you may need to negotiate with your former spouse about child custody. The custody of a child or children is often the most contentious part of a divorce. Custody issues can also come about after a divorce, especially if one parent has a job change, moves, gets remarried or has another circumstance that affects the child. Our child custody attorney in Hollywood FL may be able to represent you in your request for part-time or full-time custody or changes in your current custody and visitation arrangements.

Our dedicated family law attorneys handle all types of issues related to child custody. We aim to protect your child’s best interests and to protect your rights. Our attorneys help with understanding your obligations. If your circumstances have changed, we can represent you in court in order to modify custody or parenting agreements in a way that is most beneficial to you and your child or children.

We may also be able to help you with the setup of custody arrangements that the time of the divorce. Our attorney may talk with you and your child together and separately, with your permission. If you have more than one child, the conversation could take place with each of them. We aim to protect your child’s best interests in order to decrease the stress of a divorce and change of household situation.

Our child custody attorney Hollywood FL offers the legal counsel that you need in order to understand your rights. We may be able to represent you in your requests for full or shared custody or changes in visitation.