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Choose Quality Knives and Gear With Blade City

Blade City is a one stop shop for tactical gear, switchblades, and more! Our vibrant selection of merchandise is suitable for both men and women and provides easy shipping and delivery.

Peruse our selection of products to find one that fits your needs. Our high quality merchandise is guaranteed to be effective for your collection or your money back! This guide will help you with your shopping experience and your purchases.

Why Choose Blade City?

– Wide selection of merchandise

We present a colorful array of self-defense gear, blades, and even rare items such as full tang swords. You might like these items for cosplay or for your collection to display proudly around the home.

– Range of brands

We present name brands such as Gerber, Carbon, and more! When you know your product, you know what’s best for you.

– Gift bags

Blade City is proud to present mystery packages and surprise gifts that will give you a new delight each time. Our monthly subscription boxes provide a range of weaponry you will love to unwrap and figure out each month.

– Other weaponry

Blade City is here to serve your weaponry needs. Look to our range of crossbows and more when you’re a hunter, gatherer, or simply a collector.

Enjoy Your Life With Blade City!

Blade City is the place for rare items such as full tang swords and more! Visit our website at to see our selection and make a purchase. Contact our customer service with any questions you may have and reach a friendly representative. We can help you with your inquiries and give you insight into our company. Look to Blade City when you want a high-quality collectible to battle!