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One of the benefits of living in Frisco and North Texas is the warm, often hot, weather throughout the year. Adding a pool to your outdoor living space creates an oasis of relaxation and fun you can enjoy at almost any time.

Choosing to install a custom pool is the perfect option if you want to have a unique look and design style. Beautiful pools and features are carefully crafted to work within your specific backyard space and create the look you want to suit your lifestyle.

Before hiring any of the custom pool companies in and around Frisco, it is essential to do your homework. A custom pool is a significant investment and choosing the right pool company is an important first step.

Experience in Custom Pool Construction

Not all custom pool companies in the area have experience in working in and around Dallas. In-ground pool design and construction must take into consideration the unique nature of the soil. It is comprised of a large amount of clay as well as sandy and loamy soils, which are different to work with than other soils throughout the state. Planning, design, and pool construction should focus on soil conditions as well as aesthetic goals.

Past Customer Feedback

A simple way to assess the quality of the work done by custom pool companies is to read what past customers report. Quality pools do not crack, peel, or have damages or system failures or problems.

This information is readily available on review websites. It provides a picture of what past customers have experienced before, during, and after the custom pool project.