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Local and state codes require all businesses and residential buildings to have fire alarm systems in Portland, OR. These fire alarm systems must meet specified requirements and be maintained. Whether you have a residential or commercial fire alarm system, it requires upkeep. Local code enforcement will check inspection sheets and verify your fire alarm system has yearly maintenance.


Do you know how old your fire alarm system is? Do you know how to conduct a regular check on your fire alarm system? A system that is under five years old does not require much maintenance. Like anywhere, fire alarm systems in Portland, OR need to be serviced annually. As they age, the system will develop issues due to environmental issues. The system may also begin to malfunction. Hiring a local agency for routine maintenance services will verify the system is functioning efficiently and properly. If your system is failing, it will put you, your family, and/or your business at risk.


A fire alarm system installation should be performed by a professional. Fire alarm systems are complicated. They involve proper wiring and engineering. Hard-wired smoke alarms should be installed by an electrician. If you own a commercial property or residential building, a professional is knowledgeable in the legalities. Insurance companies will want to verify your fire alarm system was properly installed. If there is a fire, insurance may not cover personal or property damages. This puts you liable to cover all medical bills.