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Dermal fillers are a popular anti-aging treatment option because they are effective and safe. They can help individuals get back lost facial volume and smooth out fine lines and wrinkles. Here are a few things you should know when determining if dermal fillers in Peachtree City are the right option for you.

Dermal fillers are not a good option if you are dealing with dynamic wrinkles. They will help if you have static wrinkles. Dynamic wrinkles are the result of facial muscle contractions. These wrinkles are best treated using a product like Botox. Static wrinkles are there no matter if you are making facial expressions or not. As you get older, your face will lose fat. Since it does not have the same amount of volume as when you were younger, you will have sagging skin and wrinkles.

A simple injection of dermal fillers in Peachtree City may be all that is needed to help you get your youthful look back. The filler can be injected into the wrinkles around your mouth. It can also be injected into your lips. This is a good option for those who have aging lips or for young people who have thin lips.

Some dermal fillers are made with collagen. This substance helps the skin hold onto moisture. A lack of collagen leads to sagging skin and wrinkles. An injection of a filler with collagen can make your skin look firm. There are also fillers that provide immediate volume and stimulate the production of collagen in the facial skin.