Tips on Making Respiratory Safety Standards a Focal Point at Your Workplace

by | Mar 9, 2021 | Medical Equipment

OSHA statistics show that well over 5 million employees work in an environment where safety equipment such as a 3M 8210 Respirator is required. However, even though they may be required, there are still some employees who do not take them seriously. Here are some tips on reiterating the facts about why this type of PPE is needed for respiratory safety within the workplace.

Written Policy

Remember that any workplace where respirators are required has to have a written program in place. Experts recommend that even if respirators are not required and are merely a suggestion that employers still have a written policy in place so that both employer and employees have something to refer to in regard to safety practices

Choosing The Right Respirator

When stocking the workplace with PPE, you have to ensure that, when it comes to respirators, you are choosing the correct one. One of the best is the 3M 8210 respirator. It protects the wearer from a wide range of particulate matter and can be relied upon in a variety of scenarios. When reviewing lists of highly-recommended PPE, these are always on them.

Maintenance Should Be A Priority

When having protective equipment stocked at the workplace, there needs to be a strict maintenance schedule. This is so there is no equipment failure at a time when it is most needed. By ensuring that all equipment is always ready to be used, both you and the employees can be put your mind at rest that respiratory safety is taken seriously.

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