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Moving is stressful enough already without you having to worry about your safety or the security of your things when taking advantage of local self storage facilities. Rather than use self storage in Birmingham, AL, that you’re not sure if you can trust, be sure to use this climate-controlled option that focuses on safety and comfort. Not only do they have multiple safety measures in place to keep you protected, but they also have several features on the property that make moving in easier than you would have ever imagined.

Take the Hard Work Out of Moving

If you’ve ever moved into a storage unit before, then you’re familiar with the dozens of trips to the car or truck that it can take to fill your unit with all of your belongings. This accommodating storage facility in Birmingham offers several carts and dollies inside the door of every entryway in the storage buildings so that customers can easily cart their possessions to and from their unit with ease. You can also find several helpful moving supplies in the office like tape, boxes, and even mattress covers.

Taking Security Seriously

You will have to enter a unique security code just to enter the gate that accesses the storage buildings on this property. Not only do they offer this secure entry option, but they also ensure that you always have a watchful eye on you with a thorough security camera system that keeps eyes on every corner of the property.

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