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Today, more people carry knives to use as everything from hunting tools to weapons for self-defense.

If you are an outdoor enthusiast or you’d like to feel safer during your day-to-day interactions, you should consider carrying a pocketknife with you. A pocketknife will come in handy in the following situations:

Opening Packages

One of the most practical reasons to carry a pocketknife is to open packages. While you can open your mail, packages, or gifts by hand, having a pocketknife makes this task that much simpler.

Fishing or Hunting

If you often fish or hunt, pocketknives are a must-have. Buy Gerber knives online for an easy tool to use for removing hooks, cutting line, and many other tasks that are essential to hunting or fishing,

First Aid

Injuries can happen at any time and anywhere. If you’re traveling outdoors or you find yourself in trouble indoors, a pocketknife can help you out of this type of situation.

For example, you can buy Gerber knives online to cut bandages or wrap tourniquets. Similarly, you can use knives to carve directions if you ever find yourself lost outdoors.


Whether you’re well-versed in self-defense training or you have no formal training at all, pocketknives come in handy in emergency situations. If an attack or robbery, having a pocketknife with you improves your chances of survival as you fend off the attacker.

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