Secure the Financial Future of Your Family with a Life Insurance Agent

by | Mar 6, 2019 | Insurance Services

No one ever wants to think about passing away or losing a loved one unexpectedly. People dream of living a long and fulfilling life into their golden years. Unfortunately, the unexpected can occur and sometimes a person’s life is cut short before they anticipated. From unforeseen illnesses to accidents, events can happen that causes a person to pass away early. The question is if something happened to you or a family member will you be financially secure? One way to answer this question and ensure the finances are available is by consulting with a life insurance agent in Oceanside.

Types of Policies Available

  • Burial insurance that is designed to pay the funeral expenses of a deceased individual.
  • Term life insurance that is purchased over a specific amount of time with a monthly premium.
  • Living benefits that you do not have to pass away to use, it can be used to pay medical expenses.
  • Universal life insurance that are determined by the market rate and provide the potential for a higher return.
  • Indexed universal life insurance that draws interest rate to increase the policy’s value.

Gain the Information You Need to Make an Informed Decision

When it comes to navigating the complex world of insurance, it can be a challenging task to complete. Especially, if you lack the knowledge required to understand how the policy works. At Serra Benefits & Insurance Services, you can gain the information you need with a life insurance agent in Oceanside. An agent will work with you to find the right policies that fits your financial needs. They will assist you in determining which policy will financially protect you and your family if a loved one passes away unexpectedly. Why worry about the financial future of your family when you can obtain peace of mind today?

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