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A lot of people do not even realize that they are eligible for an immediate payday loan. Some people think that because their credit is not great or that they have yet to establish credit that they will not be eligible to apply. The beauty of an immediate payday loan is that it does not have the traditional requirements of a bank loan. When you go to the bank for a loan you better be prepared to fill out a stack full of paperwork and provide a ream of proof for everything that you put on the application. People use what they know about bank loans and figure it is the same process for an immediate payday loan. The fact is, the process is not a like at all. Here is a quick comparison chart between a bank loan and a payday loan:

Requirements Bank Loan Payday Loan
Application Process 3-5 days for decision (maybe more) Instant to 24 hours
Length of application 3-4 pages’ long 1-2 pages’ long
Credit score Hugely important Minor consideration
Repayment period Years Your next payday

Poor Credit/No Credit

If your credit is not perfect or you have no credit you can still apply and likely be approved for a payday loan. There are different laws that govern payday loans and the decision process is based more on your ability to repay the loan than it is about past credit issues. If you have poor credit/no credit you can get an immediate payday loan BUT you have to take the steps and APPLY!


One of the key advantages of an immediate payday loan is that it is a short term loan. The interest rate is higher on a payday loan but your repayment term is a LOT SHORTER which means overall you will be paying a lot less for the loan than you would with a bank loan which can take years to pay. You are looking at a few hours before you get the money you need with a payday loan and you are looking at days or even weeks with a bank loan. When you are in a jam and you need money now a payday loan is a much more reasonable option.

Everyone can apply for an immediate payday loan regardless of their credit or where they bank. Take advantage of the opportunity today!

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